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David Stuart

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Brief Bio;

David Stuart was the first to name and identify Chemsex as an emerging gay cultural phenomenon. He developed the world’s first chemsex support services, and he fought relentlessly for greater chemsex awareness by encouraging and stimulating cultural dialogue and discussion within our international gay, bi and Queer communities. He continues to support international governments and communities to manage the cultural phenomenon from a place of kindness, sex positivity and cultural competence.

Even briefer; David is a support worker, a public servant and a drug use counsellor, specialising in chems and chemsex. He is a community and public health advocate for better sexual wellbeing.

Even better; if you know me and/or what I do - write it yourself; I trust you and my skin literally crawls with discomfort when I write it myself. (Though please don't mention my London affiliations/employers without consulting me first, as there are boundaries and considerations that separate my public work and my NHS work.)