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David Stuart

A young people's discussion of HIV

On Wednesday 24th Sept, the Dean Street Wellbeing programme invited QX magazine to host an evening that explores young people's attitudes toward HIV.

Film-maker Alejandro Medina has interviewed some gay men about their preferences regarding safer sex choices; Pat Cash hosted a panel debate, and we had a PrEP update and discussion with Dr Alan McOwan and Prof Sheena McCormack of the UK PROUD (PrEP) study (56 Dean Street)... and of course, you the audience participants. Active, opinionated participants.

Thank you for attending on the 24th September.

ABOVE; an 80 second advance-teaser for the event.

BELOW; an 8 minute film of the panel/community discussion

BELOW; the full interviews; young people's attitudes to sex and HIV (13 mins)