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David Stuart

On the second Thursday evening of each month at KuKlub Lisle St, 6.30pm, anyone with an opinion, prose or performance piece on the topic of gay sex & drugs, may take the microphone and stage for (NO longer than) 5 minutes. Hosted by the charismatic and poetic Pat Cash, this event leaves everyone feeling inspired, angry, motivated, tearful... anything except silent. This is a space for people to express opinions in a safe and applauding environment. Certainly worth a visit.

Part of the Dean Street Wellbeing programme.

View a film of one of our past events (below), or visit our Facebook page. If you'd like the stage and microphone for 5 mins on the evening, contact Pat Cash.

ChemSex support for gay men

Short ChemSex harm-reduction films

ChemSex for medical professionals/researchers

Other poems about gay sex written & performed by Pat Cash...