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        David Stuart





Tools/documents for professionals working

with people engaging in ChemSex

Weekly check in plan.

A template for supporting someone remotely with chemsex changes

Daily email commitment invitation

An invitation to commit to a daily plan of not using chems

Weekly email commitment invitation

An invitation to a contract to commit to not using chems for 1 week

Jetset Trigger

A plan to safeguard against lapses & cravings that happen when returning home from a journey

Limiting screentime.

Instructions to help prevent (eg, Grindr) App use on your phone during certain periods.

Video tutorial; creating a ChemSex care plan:

For healthcare professionals supporting clients/patients to make changes around chems & sex.

Journal article;

Chemsex behavioural support; Making changes, creating a Care Plan

Video tutorial; motivational interviewing skills in a ChemSex context;

Sometimes our clients can be frightened to make changes, or unaware of opportunities they are missing, when ensconced in a lifestyle. These skills can help a person safely reflect on behaviour and choices.


A 20 page booklet that focuses on the most urgent consequences that can occur in chemsex environments, including First Aid tips, when to call an ambulance, what to do.

Chemsex Psychosis

A layman's guide to understanding and managing chem psychosis

Chemsex Risk assessment tool

Questions to ask that assess the highest risks associated with chemsex

Guidance for brief interventions/team handovers

Tips for healthcare providers working as a team

Compulsive App use diary

A behaviour change tool for people using sex-apps compulsively

GHB/GBL Diary (G-Diary)

For G dependent people, wanting to stabilise or reduce their daily dosing or to self-detox gradually.

ChemSex survey;

A survey to assess sexualised drug use amongst service users

Measuring Outcomes

Some questions that might be asked, to measure the success or failure of your ChemSex Support interventions

ChemSex Boundaries;

An online check-box questionnaire to help clients reflect on the role chems play in their sex lives

ChemSex ToolKit:

A guide to support sexual health clinics to become ChemSex-competent.

Online interactive ChemSex Care Plan:

An online tool to support ChemSex patients to create their own behaviour change "Care Plan".

Care Plan instruction guide:

An instructional paper to accompany the ChemSex Care Plan document

A clinician's guide to ChemSex and hepatitis C:

How to support our clients/patients to negotiate transmission risks in a ChemSex environment.

Drug/Drug Interactions;

A guide to drug/drug interactions (Chems and anti-retrovirals); an understandable interpretation of the science for clinicians and patients.

ChemSex/Sober sex guidelines for psychosexual therapists.

By Remziye Kunelaki; guidelines for psychosexual therapists working with clients who are currently (or have been historically) engaged in ChemSex.