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        David Stuart

Limiting your own screentime for certain Apps

The first thing to do is to create a passcode.

Depending on your version of Android and ‘Stay Focussed’ App, you should be prompted for a 6-digit passcode, but some versions will ask for 4-digit

You should pick a random 6 digit number that is not easily remembered (not 123456, or any pattern on the keypad that you will remember! e.g. 123987 as you may remember it as a square!)

Use to get a random 6-digit number.

Write this number down and put it somewhere not easily accessible (e.g. in a locker at work, or with a friend who will not not give it to you outside the hours of 9-5 mon-fri, etc.)

Next you must install an App called ‘Stay Focused’ (free) from google play store.

Once installed, open the app and choose ‘grant access’ , scroll down and give access to ‘stay focused’. This allows Stay Focused to monitor other apps

Click ‘create profile’, and choose a name (e.g. block apps), and search the app you wish to block (e.g. grindr, recon, etc.), and tick the box to the right to choose it

Click next (top right corner), and choose from any number of options to block.

E.g. to block all day fri, sat, sun, choose ‘ specific time intervals’, enable ‘app launch’ and ‘notification’ (you have to allow this), then tick F(ri) , S(at), S(un) in ‘On Days’ section

Click ‘Add’ in the ‘in intervals’ section at the bottom, and using the dial, select the time from 00:00AM -> 11:59PM

Click ‘save’ in top right hand corner

On the main screen again, enable ‘lock mode’

1. ‘set new password’ , and tick ‘block access to phone settings’. This is where you enter your 6 digit passcode, and then just choose a fake email address ([email protected]) , to prevent you from turning it off

2. Activate device admin -> activate

3. Grant overdraw permission -> allow permission

Click Activate

Some tips

If you had to enter the passcode multiple times, your brain may remember it! Go back to and keep clicking through the numbers and say them aloud, to confuse your brain from remembering your passcode!

Another way to ‘forget’ the passcode is to write it down backwards on the paper. Your brain finds it more difficult to remember the number backwards!