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        David Stuart

Those questions were just for you. They weren't designed to trick you or coerce you.

Just to help you reflect on what you want your sex (and romantic) life to be like.

Sometimes fear of change can keep us lost in a cycle that we're not always happy in.

And sometimes we've never even thought about what we want our sex (and romantic) lives to be like. Let alone pro-actively tried to make that happen.

Sometimes we're just acting on sexual impulses, or living the sex lives our gay scenes have designed for us, rather than forging our own path. Sometimes our own emotional needs are so loud, we can be naive of the harm we do to ourselves in the process - and the harm we might be doing to others or to our community by default.

Sometimes we've been so dissatisfied with sober sex, we think chems are the only way to satisfy our needs.

And sometimes we don't always treat ourselves as we are worth.

But not always of course. Sometimes it's just fun, without harm.

I hope the questions helped.

If you've decided you don't need to make any changes... great. I hope you don't feel the questions were a waste of time.

If you've decided a break from chems might help, or you need to learn more harm reduction techniques, or that you'd like to explore a little further, there are some options below.